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6 Facts to Know if You Do Not Patent Your Inventions

Inventing doesn’t mean creating a new product or a new tool like we’ve had a case with the wheel. Inventions can provide solutions for problems, and that’s called intellectual products.

Inventions almost always cause changes. Many inventions changed the world for the better, but some inventions change it for the worse. Even then, inventions are still inventions – they brought something new to our daily lives, no matter whether it was used for better or worse.

Let us remind ourselves of Johannes Gutenberg, a German goldsmith, who invented a printing press in the 15th century. It was one of the revolutionizing discoveries with the Bible being the first book to be printed on it.

Also, let’s not forget the typewriter, which we used ten years ago too. We used a better version for sure, but it’s still the same idea. The typewriter was invented by an American inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes. Along with Samuel Soule, Carlos Glidden, and John Pratt, they managed to invent the first practical typewriter in the United States of America.

There are many inventors, such as Thomas Edison, which we heard a lot of, Nikola Tesla, and many others, but the essence is in inspiration.

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